Production Engineer / Artificial lift

Production Engineer / Artificial lift Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Production Engineer / Artificial lift to join our team.


  • Evaluate the performance of artificial lift systems and recommend improvements as necessary;
  • Work with vendors in designing and implementing artificial lift solutions;
  • Conduct nodal analysis;
  • Implement industry best practices and exchange of learnings with other similar unconventional gas assets;
  • Provide input to pilot design and interpretation;
  • Own the quality and implementation of optimization tools;
  • Design surface equipment, wellbore tubulars, and bottomhole assemblies for artificial lift and propose alternatives, if required;
  • Analyze and resolve water chemistry issues. Monitor corrosion and resolve paraffin and scaling issues;
  • Coach and mentor other production engineers and graduates within the team;
  • Conduct flow assurance analysis;
  • Determine optimum artificial lift solutions to maintain productivity of wells.


  • A successful candidate should hold a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering with post-graduate studies being a plus for the position;
  • You must have experience in unconventional resources or HPHT/tight gas with a strong understanding of hydraulic fracturing;
  • Experience with relevant software such as Prosper, RodStar, SROD, Saphir, WellCat and Gohfer/StimPlan (or equivalent) is preferred.