News Property Custodian

News Property Custodian Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a News Property Custodian to join our team.


  • Monitors through tracking report, the condition and status of equipment;
  • Coordinate with equipment maintenance regarding defective equipment for corrective/preventive maintenance;
  • Checks and coordinates with clients regarding the appropriateness of the facilities needed for daily operations: camera, tripod, etc;
  • Reviews the trafficking and assignment of equipment for various program requirements;
  • Issuance, inventory, repair, and maintenance of equipment and ensure they are in good working condition;
  • Identify the specifications/capabilities/model of the following equipment under his safekeeping.


  • Knowledge in various computer software applications (Microsoft Office, RMS, etc.);
  • Must have knowledge in basic operations and proper handling of equipment under his safekeeping in order to avoid damage in the equipment;
  • Knowledge on operation and setup of video and audio equipment such as teleprompter, surveillance camera, video monitors, and microphones among others;
  • Familiar with management policies and other work-related procedures;
  • At least 1 year of experience in TV audio-visual operations;
  • Must have technical know-how on basic troubleshooting of audio-visual broadcast equipment under his custody;
  • Must be a graduate of 2 – 4-year Technical Course (Electronics/Electrical).