Recruitment Manager

Recruiting managers , sometimes called staffing managers , oversee the recruiting and hiring responsibilities of the human resources department. They often supervise a team of recruiters, and some take on recruiting duties when they try to fill high-level positions. They must develop a recruiting strategy that helps them meet the staffing needs of their organization and compete effectively for the best employees.

Recruitment Manager Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Recruitment Manager to join our team.


  • Ensure relevant paperwork is completed when hiring new employees;
  • Assist employees in obtaining new work permits when necessary;
  • Develop good internal and external relationships obtain high-caliber candidates;
  • Ensure completion of training for hotel security, fire regulations and other health and safety legislation;
  • Manage recruitment databases;
  • Engage in effective recruitment methods to determine useful applicant markets;
  • Manage recruitment efforts and advertising budgets;
  • Develops and maintains business relationships and professional network to generate leads and turn these to potential recruits;
  • Assess, plan, execute and maintain budget resources to produce strategies, tools and results;
  • Conduct competency-based interviews in collaboration with various stakeholders;
  • Directly interact with job candidates and respond to initial queries for top management positions;
  • Train and supervise recruiters in correct company processes;
  • Coaches members of the team to ensure continuous development and improvement of overall capabilities;
  • Utilize all sourcing channels to deliver qualified candidates for various programs (agent-level);
  • coordinate with Recruitment Partners and other vendors as needed; other ad hoc tasks as needed.


  • Can handle and maintain confidential information;
  • Knowledge and understanding of recruitment strategies and employer branding;
  • Hands-on experience with applicant tracking systems and HR databases;
  • Ability to work on their own or in teams;
  • Good time-management skills;
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Strong process design orientation;
  • Experience in Team, Performance and Project Management;
  • Good communication and people skills;
  • Responsible for implementing Corporate Strategies;
  • An honours or master’s degree in Industrial Psychology;
  • A minimum of 5-8 years working experience with a proven track record in recruitment and organisation design;
  • Proven negotiation skills;
  • Knowledge of labor legislation;
  • Excellent communication skills – comprehension, articulation, effective listening and written.