Blow film operator

Blow film operator Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Blow film operator to join our team.


  • Responsible for filling up of resin consumption form and submit to material coordinate for verification;
  • Record resin consumption Record resin consumption per job on the log book provided;
  • Monitor the activities and check the proper handling of dirty resin of each machine helper;
  • Check the required resin needed to be use and its availability;
  • Perform daily inventories and turnover of resin material to the next shift;
  • Coordinate with operator for allotted resin per job;
  • Coordinate w/ material coordinator for proper turn-over of materials received after issuance from the warehouse;
  • Responsible on proper handling and accountability of left-over and to advise supervisor where it is possible to use;
  • Double check the Job Order/specification sheed of each job scheduled for production before run and coordinate to Foreman/Supervisor for any query;
  • Responsible for proper handling of dirty resins (Sweeping) in the area and call attention of the Supervisor for proper disposal;
  • Responsible for mixing materials needed for all of the machine in coordination with helper;
  • Maintain the operational stability and cleanliness of resin mixer and weighing scale;
  • Coordinate with helpers for mixing the proper materials needed per machine;
  • Check concurrent production run of each machines;
  • Carry out and executes all special intrusions received from film blowing supervisor.


  • Can work with minimum supervision;
  • Knowledge in resin handling and disposal;
  • Candidate must possess at least Vocational Diploma/Short Course Certificate;
  • Have at least two(2) years related work experience specializing in Manufacturing, Production Operations or equivalent;
  • Team player and hardworking.

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