Roll Forming Machine Operator

Roll Forming Machine Operator Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Roll Forming Machine Operator to join our team.


  • May butt-weld ends of coil together to form continuous feed and verify coolant levels in machine and oil and grease moving parts as specified;
  • Responsible for efficient machine operation to ensure less rejects and operational downtime;
  • sets distance points between rolls, guides, meters, and stops, according to specifications;
  • directs and trains other workers to change rolls, operate mill equipment, removes coils and cobbles, and band and load materials;
  • Positions spindles to align male and female roller dies and adjusts rolls to thickness of metal, using feelers, rule, shims, gauges, and hand tools;
  • Examines, inspects, and measures raw materials and finished products to verify conformance to specifications;
  • Starts machine, observes operation, and verifies dimensions of finished products, using micrometers, gauges, and rule.


  • Passed ITI / Secondary school / Equivalent;
  • Excellent hands on knowledge of Roll Forming machine operation, trouble shooting & machine adjustments and electrical operation;
  • Executing the Slitting machine with accuracy to achieve the required slitting plan;
  • 2-4 YEARS experience IN relevant role;
  • Structured thought process & analytical approach;
  • Communicative and open minded.