Future Cruise Consultant

Future Cruise Consultant Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Future Cruise Consultant to join our team.


  • Promotes specific destinations and the overall Future Cruise Sales program by conducting clear, effective Future Cruise Sales presentations;
  • Works with shipboard media to create effective commercial and promotional videos for in-stateroom television;
  • Regularly collaborates closely with the Captain’s Circle Host / Hostess to maximize onboard sales;
  • Supports program changes by actively participating in any trial or test programs and providing appropriate feedback to management;
  • Ensures that future cruises are always effectively marketed and presented to passengers, encouraging sales where appropriate;
  • Promptly and accurately addresses and acts upon all passenger booking inquiries;
  • Consistently meets or exceeds established sales targets as outlined by shoreside operational management;
  • Consistently meets or exceeds productivity and service goals as tracked and reported by onboard and shoreside management.


  • Commitment to establish and maintain courteous and professional working relationships in a diverse cultural environment;
  • Willingness to embrace all Company values and Service Credo and lead by example;
  • Understands of the foundation of customer service; ability and willingness to deliver outstanding service to our passengers;
  • Sales background to offer information and guidance for future cruises;
  • Motivation to excel in all aspects of job duties and responsibilities;
  • Personable communicator with outstanding social skills and a warm, friendly, and caring personality;
  • Ability to adapt and adjust to a variety of circumstances.